“Bentleigh auto electrical provided quick and relaible service, on site at my house. I have a Mustang that has  been restored and very fussy about the work getting done on it. In a friendly and professional manner they completed the job without any deay, at a very reasonalbe cost. I have no hesitation in recommending Bentleigh auto elecs to friends and colleagues.   I  found their advice invaluable.”
Regards Rod

“Great job and good value – car going really well. Highly recommend their services.”
D Curwood Bentleigh

“Hello I didn’t need you but a fellow motorist at a service station in a brand new falcon broke down. I suspected the problem was ‘electrical’ and I knew by advertising, you were a Auto Elec. I advised him to call you and unbelievably, within 10 minutes you were there. Within 5 min, you had diagnosed a faulty starter motor, and he was on his way. First Aid Auto is by far, the best mobile auto service I have ever known of even though  I have never needed them.”

“Our family has had 3 occasions to call on Bentleigh Auto Electrical, 3 different cars, 3 different problems but all fixed rapidly at very cost efficient prices. Highly recommend them to all.”
Ngaeri. Tahata.

“Very professional service. Would definitely recommend 5*****”
Paul Noble Park

Bentleigh Auto Electrical with Hutch being the main man is the only auto electrician I will trust & recommend to my customers!
I’ve been in the Mechanical industry for over 15 years & never found anyone to do as good a job or as quick. I can quite comfortably recommend my customers to go direct to him with knowing he’d be the best & possibly cheapest. With the advantage of having the mobile vans that can go out to stranded customers & sort them out too!
Regards Owner/Director of Custom Tuning Services Pty Ltd Cheltenham

Phone: 03 9557 4941